Best Soft Top Tonneau Cover for the Classic Ford Bronco

Red and white classic ford bronco parked on the street

The full sized classic Ford Bronco has been a truck enthusiasts favorite since the 60s.  The Bronco was originally designed as a compact off road vehicle to compete with the Jeep CJ-5.  Until the release of the 2021 Bronco, the 1996 2 door Bronco was the last year that Ford produced the 5th Generation version.  One part of the fun design of the Bronco was the ability to remove the hard top.  Unfortunately, the top is quite heavy and not very easy to take on an off.  Getting a soft top can be nice to have in case of sudden rain or if you plan to have the cover off for days or weeks at a time.  

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Rampage Products Complete top with tinted windows

This soft top from Rampage products only weighs 50 pounds and can be installed relatively easily after the initial install.  There is some drilling that needs to be done but the majority of the mounting uses existing holes.  This particular top is designed to fit the 1980 to 1993 Full sized Bronco.  It will fit the 1994 to 1996 Bronco as well but there is no third brake light and since the rear seat belts connect to roof of the rear cap, you will not be able to legally carry passengers in the back seat with this cover installed.  It is a great cover to have on hand when you are out with the cover off or if you plan to have the cover off for a while.