Pickup Bed Tent Buyers Guide

Truck with tent

If you’re in the market for a tent for your pickup truck bed, you’re in luck because they are better and more accommodating than they’ve ever been. There are many advantages to owning a good truck bed tent, including the fact that they are reasonably priced, portable, easy to set up and remove, and protect your truck bed from the elements and even from animal attacks.
But if you’ve never before purchased a truck bed tent, you’ll need to know what to look for, and that’s where this article can help. In fact, before you go out shopping for a truck bed tent, you need to know which features are most important to you so that you can choose the right one. Some features are optional; for instance, not all truck bed tents come with awnings. These are just some of the things to consider before you start shopping for your truck bed tent.
Below are a few of the features you should look for when you’re shopping for the perfect pickup truck bed tent.

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The Shape of the Tent

Believe it or not, the shape of the tent is important because it affects how many people can fit inside and even the height. There are four basic shapes to a truck bed tent, and they are:
• A-frame, which fits two to three people and is the most common type of truck bed tent
• Hatchback, which is specially designed for small SUVs and hatchbacks
• Dome-shaped pop-up, which are easy to set up and even come with flexible poles
• Umbrella-shaped, which has no floor and a tall doorway
To make sure you get the right tent, take exact measurements of your truck, then try on the tent when you get home. The last thing you want is to install the tent right before you head out to the camp, only to discover you bought the wrong one. In other words, when it comes to pickup truck bed tents, you need a “practice run” before your camping trip!
This brings us to another important point – how easy the tent is to maneuver. If it takes a long time or is complicated to install and remove the tent, that’s not the one you want. It should be both simple and fast to set up and remove. To choose the tent that is most likely to be a breeze to install, choose one with a D-shaped door – which is easier to enter and exit – color-coded poles, and as few poles as possible. It may not guarantee ease of use, but you are much more likely to get that if you pay attention to these features.

Materials the Tent is Made of

When it comes to materials, tents are usually made out of either plastic such as polyester that has been waterproofed or canvas. Both are good, but canvas tents are a bit more expensive yet provide the ventilation you will likely need. Along with the materials, the floors are usually either sewn into the tent or are nonexistent. Naturally, if a tent has a floor, it’s going to do a better job of keeping out both the elements and bugs. Still, many people prefer to sleep only on their tent when camping.
Tents are also weatherproof and are rated from one to four seasons. Here is what those terms mean:
• One-season tent: made for the summer only
• Two-season tent: made for the summer and spring months
• Three-season tent: made for the summer, spring, and fall
• Four-season tent: made for summer, spring, fall, and winter
These are important ratings because if you intend to go camping when the weather is cool or cold, you certainly don’t want a “one-season” tent because it will do you no good. After all, these ratings are there for a reason.

A Few More Things to Consider

Each of these features is important if you want your truck bed tent to be sufficient, but here are a few more features you might want to look at before you buy your tent:
• Access to the cab. If you have a pickup truck with a window that allows you access to the cab, you might want to consider a truck bed tent that offers the same convenience.
• Awnings and storm flaps. Storm flaps, awnings, and rainflies are not necessities but many people can’t imagine buying a truck bed tent without them. They certainly make staying in these tents a lot more comfortable.
• Pockets in the tent. This feature isn’t a must, but it’s a convenience many people insist on having because they want certain items close to them at all times, such as a cell phone or a book.
• The poles. There are three main types of poles, including fiberglass, which are lightweight and rather weak; aluminum, which are lightweight but a bit sturdier than the fiberglass ones; and steel, which are the heaviest and sturdiest of them all. Many companies also make color-coded poles to help you know exactly what you’re buying.
• The straps. Make sure the straps will fit properly on your truck and they are soft so they do not scratch or ruin the truck’s paint job.
Getting the right truck bed tent isn’t complicated, but you still want to compare different tents to make sure the features you prefer are there to enjoy. Truck bed tents also come in many different prices, but most are not terribly expensive. To help you choose the right tent, below are some highly rated truck bed tents you may want to consider before making a final decision.

Rightline Gear Truck Tent

Truck with a bed tent installedThis two-person tent has color-coded poles to make installation a lot easier, and its waterproof materials will keep you nice and dry the entire time. There is a sky-view vent for those who love to look at the stars at night, as well as a floorless design that makes setups a lot quicker and easier. The straps and nylon buckles are specially made not to scratch up your truck, and with prices that start at around $120, you can purchase this tent without breaking the bank.
The Rightline pickup truck bed tent is sleek-looking and attractive as well as functional, and you get a rainfly for convenience whenever it starts to rain while you’re camping. You also get two gear pockets, glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls, and a hanging hook for your lantern. All of these things are there to make your camping experience even better, which means you can purchase this tent with no worries regardless of how long your camping trip is. This is a well-built but inexpensive truck bed tent that will last for a very long time. The company even includes an easy way to measure your truck on their website so you get the size you need.

QuicTent Water Proof Truck Tent

Truck with a bed tent installedWith an attractive gray-and-blue design, these tents come in several sizes to meet all users’ needs. With prices starting at around $120, they are affordable for everyone, and they are made to accommodate two people comfortably. This round tent offers a full 63” in width, headroom of 63”, and a length of 78”, which means it can even accommodate people over six feet tall. The rainfly is fully waterproof and can handle even severe storms, and you can even remove it whenever you feel like you don’t need it anymore.
The large 47” x 47” awning is also removable, and it can be used both for shade and to keep out the rain. You also get a floor that is fully sealed, as well as a two-year warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve. The PU 2000 mm waterproofing also keeps the tent dry and comfortable for the entire camping trip, so you can count on having a great sleep night after night. Other perks include a rear access window, a holder for your lantern, color-coded poles and pole pockets, and a convenient storage bag that allows you to carry the tent to other locations if you need to. This is definitely one truck bed tent that will not disappoint.

Napier Sportz Truck Tent

Truck with a bed tent installedThis two-person, three-season tent is made for serious campers and comes in a very attractive blue-and-gray design. There is over 5.5 feet of headroom and a sewn-in floor that keeps you super dry and comfortable the entire night. The color-coded pole and sleeve system makes it easy and fast to get everything set up once you get to your destination, and the rear access panel makes it simple to access the cab of the truck in case you need extra storage space. You also get an entrance door that is quite large, side vents for great ventilation, and even two mesh windows to guarantee your comfort.
With this truck bed tent, you don’t even need guide ropes because the large 4’ x 4’ awning can be secured right to the tailgate, which means you can set the tent up anywhere. A set of strap protectors comes with the tent so the straps don’t ruin the paint job on your truck, and the handy carrying bag is big enough to hold all of these items for those times when you don’t need the tent attached to your truck. The tent is easy to set up and even comes with zippered storm flaps to protect you against inclement weather.

Napier Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III

Truck with a bed tent installedThis is yet another high-quality, durable truck tent made by Napier, and it is a two-person, three-season tent made in an attractive gray color. The fiberglass poles are color-coded and shock-corded for easy setups, and you get both a large entrance door and a rear access door that allows for simple entrances and exits every time. The awning is 6’ x 6’ in size and, therefore, can accommodate anyone, and you even get a gear loft, two interior pockets to hold your important belongings, and a storage bag to put all of it in when it isn’t being used.
Priced at around $270, you get over 5.5 feet of headroom with this tent and a design that makes it both comfortable and easy to install and remove. The rainfly is taped at the seams for extra durability, and the three mesh windows give you just the ventilation you need on those warm summer evenings. It is also made in a very unique design that includes a full floor design for extra comfort and protection from bugs. The company’s website provides you with an easy way to determine what size you need, enabling you to get the perfect size every time. Lightweight but very sturdy, this tent both looks good and functions great, making its purchase a decision you are not likely to regret.

DRM Truck Tent

Truck with a bed tent installedMade out of a very sturdy 210-D Oxford polyester with a PU 2000 mm water-resistant coating, this is a top-notch truck bed tent that offers everything you’re looking for in this type of product. Priced at under $140, you’re going to be surprised by how much quality you get from such a low price. The corrosion-resistant fiberglass poles make setting up a breeze, and the full tent floor ensures that no bugs, dirt, or rain will seep into the vehicle at any time. You get a center height of roughly 60 inches, and the two inside storage pockets make keeping important items close by a piece of cake.
With this tent, you get a convenient, easy-to-understand user manual and a carrying bag that makes it simple to store everything away when it isn’t being used. The inside of the tent is quite large, and it is easy to get in and out of thanks to its overall size. Whether you’re camping, traveling, or tailgating, you’ll appreciate this tent because it has everything you need to make the experience that much better. Let’s face it, when you’re looking for the perfect truck bed tent, you want something easy to install and remove, comfortable to use, and something that protects you from rain and even bugs as you sleep. With this tent, you get all that and more, so you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck when you buy it.

We are an affiliate

We hope that you enjoy the products that we are recommending.  We have done our best to ensure that we only recommend quality products.  We may earn a small commission if you purchase using the links on this page.  Thank you very much for using our links.