Where is the Best Place to Buy a Tonneau Cover

Pickup trucks now account for over 20% of all vehicles sold annually. That is millions of new pickup trucks per year. With tonneau covers being the number one add on accessory for pick up trucks, a lot of truck owners are asking where to buy them, how much do they cost, and how quickly can they be installed? With the modern technology of the internet and companies like Amazon.com and CarParts.com,Warehouse picture the tonneau covers can ship for free and be delivered within only a few days. That is assuming that you are ready to take on the task of installing it yourself. The soft and hard tri-folding and roll up covers install very easily. No special skills or tools are required to perform the installation.

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Installing Your Tonneau Cover Yourself

Hand toolsIf you’ve read the instructions and have decided to do the install on your own, then ordering online is your best option. Amazon.com and CarParts.com both have an exceptionally large selection of all types of tonneau covers. If you still have not decided, what type of tonneau cover is the correct tonneau cover for you, please review our vehicle specific guides to help make your selection.

If You Feel You Are Unable to do the Install On Your Own

If you do not feel that you are handy enough with an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver, who can assist you? It is not a big job. Anybody who is slightly handy and can read simple instructions could install these covers for you. If they can assemble a small piece of furniture from IKEA, they are more that qualified to correctly and securely install one of these tonneau covers. If you have a friendly neighbor, a helpful niece or nephew, or a friend that can help you, it will not be a favor that is too much to ask. It really is quicker and easier than you would imagine. If there is no one who can lend you a hand in the time frame that you cover will arrive or you just don’t want to ask for the favor, you will need to locate a local supplier that offers installation. Installation should be free assuming your purchase the cover from the store you go to.  

If you purchase the cover from a website and take advantage of the free delivery, you can always take your cover to an accessory store and for about $50 they will install it for you.  Just make sure you call before you go.  To find an accessory store, just search google for “Truck accessories near me”.  Or “tonneau cover near me”.

If You Just Can’t Wait For a Tonneau Cover to Arrive

If you urgently need a tonneau cover and cannot wait a couple day to receive one from an online supplier, the only other option is either a brick-and-mortar auto parts store which generally has very limited supplies and for very limited vehicles. Or, you will need to search for a local truck accessory shop. Depending on your location, there should be one within an hour or less from where you live. If you have a very common pickup like the F150 or the Ram 1500, odds are they will have something that works well for you in stock and ready to be installed. You will need to ask them if they can install it the same day that you purchase it or if you will need to make an appointment and return at a later date. The install is quick. Regardless of what type of tonneau cover you select, you should be able to pay for it and have it installed in less than an hour.


I had my first tonneau cover installed at the store but after I saw how easy it was, I installed the next three myself and I will continue to install them myself on all of my pickups.  For me, since I use my truck as a daily driver and for weekend recreational activities with the family, not having a tonneau cover is a big loss of storage space in my truck.  

Don’t be scared to tackle this project yourself.  It really is not a big deal.