Which Tonneau Covers Fit With a Tailgate Spoiler?

Very few will fit.

Tailgate with spoilerVery few trucks come with a tailgate spoiler installed but obviously if your truck has one, you’re not going to want to order an expensive tonneau cover to find out that it will not seal up properly or not be able to close due to how it fits with your tailgate spoiler.  Whether you truck came with one from the dealer, a previous owner installed one, or you installed one yourself, you need to be sure that a tonneau cover will fit and close.  

This is something that I dealt with personally firsthand.  I had a 2006 F150 Roush Stage 1.  One of the accessories that came installed with the stage 1 package is a tailgate spoiler that really made the truck look great.  My concern was that If I received the tonneau cover and it could not close due to the spoiler, that I would have to remove the spoiler leaving 4 holes that would need to be filled, prepped, and painted.  So, I did my best with the measurements and all of the information that I could find on the internet.  I made the best decision I could, and it worked out great!!  

What l learned is that if you purchase the low profile or flush with the bed rail style tonneau cover, like the BakFlip G2, it fits fine as long as there is a rubber flap at the end of the last section that lays on top of the tailgate.  If you were to purchase the type of cover that sits above the bed rails, like a Gator ETX or the DNA Motoring TTC cover, the spoiler will not allow the tonneau cover to close properly.  

Dodge truck with spoiler

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F150 with spoiler

What you need to look for is a low-profile tri-fold hard tonneau cover with a soft flap at the end.  The Bakflip MX4 for example will not work because the very end piece is hard with the seal underneath.  The BakFlip G2 is the one.  The last panel has a soft rubber seal that lays on top of the tailgate.  When used with a tailgate spoiler like the ones pictured, instead of the soft seal laying flat on top of the tailgate, it will lay on an upward angle on the spoiler and will seal up very well.  Below is the information for the BakFlip G2 hard folding tonneau cover that will work well with the type of spoiler in the pictures below.  If you are looking for a sporty looking one-piece tonneau cover with a spoiler built in, please click here to get to our guide for that type of hard tonneau cover.  You will not be disappointed. 

Red truck with spoiler
white truck with spoiler

BAK Industries BakFlip G2 Hard Folding tonneau cover

Pickup truck with tonneau cover installedThe BakFlip G2 is another high-quality product from Bak Industries.  This is the cover that started it all for BAK Industries.  Strong, durable, easy to install, and stylish.  Strong solid core panels that can handle up to 300 pounds of evenly distributed weight on top of the cover when closed.  Quick access to your truck bed.  Just unlock and drop your tailgate and pull the release cable on either side of the truck to flip the panels up.  In less than 30 seconds you can have complete access to your truck bed.

The G2 BakFlip is slightly less expensive than the MX4.  The G2 price comes in around $800 depending on the size of the bed on your truck.  The main differences are the matte finish on the MX4 and the 3-year warranty on the G2.  The G2 is our top pick for quality, value, and styling.